The Global Challenges in Transport: Transjakarta - University of Oxford Programme Kick-off

Today, 12th September 2022, PT Transjakarta Indonesia and the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) of the University of Oxford launched a partnership on human resource capacity development. The Transjakarta-TSU partnership aims to leverage the world-class expertise of the University of Oxford in transportation and infrastructure to address Jakarta's urban transportation challenges and is enabled by support from Equatorise Advisory.

At "The Global Challenges in Transport: Transjakarta-University of Oxford Programme Kick-off" hybrid event in Jakarta, Transjakarta and the TSU officially launched the "Global Challenges in Transport - Infrastructures" online course for 15 selected transport professionals. Over the next six weeks and with the support of experts from University of Oxford, participants will learn global best practices in transport infrastructures management; links to sustainable development; and how these learnings apply to the Jakarta context.

The online course is the first in a series of training programmes organised by Transjakarta and the TSU focusing on current and emerging issues in transport infrastructure, climate change, technologies, and health, to prepare its workforce to support Jakarta Capital City government's target of net-zero emissions by 2050. More information on the first course can be accessed on the TSU website.

To find out about the TSU's Global Challenges in Transport executive education courses, visit: https://www.tsu.ox.ac.uk/course/

Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela, Executive Education Programme Director at the Transport Studies Unit in Oxford said,
"The Transport Studies United is honoured to support Transjakarta and the Jakarta urban area in accelerating the transition towards net-zero transport. We are keen to help build the required capacity within Transjakarta and look forward to interacting with the selected members of staff over the coming six weeks. We hope that the inaugural course will be the start of many, and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration. This is a very important step in our commitment to build a closer collaboration between the TSU and the transport professionals in Jakarta and Indonesia. We are very excited to have this wonderful group to kick us off and I am certain it will be a great co-learning experience for all. By reflecting critically on transport infrastructures in Jakarta, we will discuss how these can both learn from and inform other parts of the world, and hopefully, advance in our understanding of the relationships between transport and sustainable development. I'm really excited to see how the rest of this collaboration unfolds".

M. Yana Aditya, President Director, and CEO of Transjakarta, said:
"Transjakarta is delighted to work ever closer with the University of Oxford, especially the Transport Studies Unit (TSU), on developing the capabilities of our future leaders. As President Director of Transjakarta, I am proud to take the first step in investing in our people through this collaboration, building on the momentum of our visit to Oxford in May 2022, and I hope this is the first of many programmes organized by Transjakarta and Oxford. The launch of the Global Challenges in Transport programme is a great opportunity to accelerate the momentum towards net-zero emissions and I hope other institutions in Indonesia will join us in this effort."

Yoga Adiwinarto, COO Transjakarta, said
"The 'Global Challenges in Transport - Infrastructures' programme will train Transjakarta's future leaders on key issues regarding transport infrastructures management and how they link to sustainable development. This is part of Transjakarta's commitment to the electrification agenda to decarbonize our transportation system. This year, we launched 30 EV buses in Jakarta, and we aim to achieve a 100% electric bus fleet by 2025. We hope that, after completing the course, the 15 selected participants will be able to apply their learnings in their roles and disseminate best practices and principles to their colleagues."

Syafrin Liputo, Head of Jakarta Transportation Agency, said:
"On behalf of the Jakarta Capital City Government, I would like to express our support to this innovative collaboration between Transjakarta and the University of Oxford. The Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, has set the target for Jakarta to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, we need to prepare our human resources from now on sustainable development principles and best practices from other countries. I would like to thank the University of Oxford for the support they have offered to Jakarta and hope that we can continue this collaboration on capacity-building in the future."

About Transjakarta

TransJakarta is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first BRT system in Southeast Asia, it commenced operations on 15 January 2004 to provide a fast public transport system to help reduce rush hour traffic. The system is considered as the first revolutionary public transit mode in the capital city of Indonesia. The buses run in dedicated lanes (busways), and ticket prices are subsidised by the regional government. TransJakarta has the world's longest BRT system (394,4 km in length) and 2,326.3 km non corridor, which operates about 4,300 buses. As of February 2020, it serves an average of 1.006 million passengers daily.

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